Examples of Team Member Needs: Sonographers | Nurses | Doctors | Prayer Partners | Data Entry

Team Members Join in the Field

Hope Imaging team members enhance their personal and professional lives through community, outreach and resources. The Hope Imaging ultrasound mission affirms the value of every human life from conception to its natural end, provides spiritual and health care and the use of sonography to advance health equity in impoverished areas.

You can become eligible to join the Hope Imaging Community by attending one of our courses, or complete the Participation Application and return to Hope Imaging (mailing address below). Also, you can request the Participation Application form to be emailed to you.

The Hope Imaging Community receives information and updates on upcoming classes, seminars and mission trips.

Participate with Us!

Download the Participation Application Form PDF below.
Please fill it out, print and mail to:
Hope Imaging
14248 F Manchester Road #187
Manchester, MO 63011
Or, save it as a PDF and send it to:

Participation Form

Networking Opportunities: associate through
the Hope Imaging Community events and educational seminars.

Build Connections and Influence: get support and
advice from network of professionals sharing similar
interests and concerns.  You will expand your impact
through Hope Imaging’s alliance of practitioners committed to
integrity and faith in the practice of medicine and does no harm.

Leadership and Volunteer Opportunities: share
your professional skills to serve the medically underserved
in local and global outreach.

Professional Development: Hope Imaging offers resources to
accentuate your talents and continuing education seminars.

Personal Growth: through supportive relationships
and the chance to use your skills to make a difference
in the health of others and to save and protect lives.