Code of Conduct

It is a privilege for all who serve on our mission trips, and there is an expectation that team members will conduct themselves with integrity and portray honesty, love, respect, and cooperation to those we encounter during our travels and upon our arrival to our host destination. We are guests, and we must act accordingly, including being sensitive to our global partners and the people we are there to serve. Our mission is dedicated to enhancing and enriching the lives of others around the world; you are part of this mission.

The following are meant to reflect our core values and serve as guidelines during a mission trip. As a Hope Imaging team member, you are expected to:

  1. Provide a positive attitude, project a willing heart to serve, and maintain positive, respectful relationships with team members. Demonstrate your faith through loving action, and reinforce all such behavior in others.
  2. Travel to impoverished areas can present unexpected circumstances, despite great efforts to be fully prepared. Be patient and supportive while we work through any presenting issues.
  3. Make sure you have a buddy or someone who knows where you are at all times. You should never leave the group or wander off alone at any time while on the mission trip.
  4. Please remember that we are guests working at the invitation of our hosts. Refrain from criticizing, complaining, or making any comments related to personal preferences, food, accommodations, etc. Always demonstrate respect for the region’s culture, religious preferences, and political views. Act with sensitivity, tolerance, respect, and impartiality toward others.
  5. Demonstrate a flexible attitude and a willingness to work as a team, placing your own personal wants aside to be a valuable team member and a servant to those in need in our host country. Offer to help others, and be willing to ask for help whenever needed.
  6. As a team, we stay together, including leaving in the mornings at the same time and working and supporting one another throughout the day and the night, if needed. Some unique situations may arise and will be communicated accordingly. Be mindful to ask others who may be in need of help, a break, a meal, a hug, or a prayer.
  7. Provide care and use reason in caring for all medical supplies and equipment.
  8. Abstain from the use of tobacco, tobacco products, drugs, excessive alcohol intake, and from using inappropriate, derogatory, or foul language.
  9. Take time to appreciate the blessings of being on such an extraordinary trip with exemplary professionals with a heart for mission work. This is such a rare opportunity that is truly transformative in countless, deeply meaningful ways. Seeds are planted, hope grows, and love endures. You will not return the same as when you first started the journey.
  10. Once you return from the trip, share your experience with others.

If at any time during your trip, your team leader feels your behavior has become a detriment to our team, you may be asked to go home immediately and you will be responsible for any additional travel costs.

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