2013 Year End Report

As we enter the New Year, there are many things for which we are grateful. We are thankful for the many generous donors who have helped Hope Imagining to bring healing and hope to “the least of these”. It is an honor to have served this vital need for over ten years. Since 2003,
Hope Imaging has provided onsite education in ultrasound diagnostics
to promote life and health through medical missions. 


In 2013, our sonography teams trained 18 more healthcare workers on six mission trips to clinics in Guatemala, Haiti, and the Philippines. With equipment donations and the skills we’ve imparted to doctors, nurse practitioners and midwives; infant viability has increased, the health of many families improved and countless lives saved.

Our mission team members raised their own support for trip preparation and airfare, allowing Hope Imaging to offer sonography training that the clinics would not be able to afford. Hope Imaging provides each clinic with reference books on ultrasound and medical supplies to ensure ongoing training and sustainability.

Thanks to donations, Hope Imaging meets a vital need as the only organization bringing ultrasound training and equipment to medical missions overseas.

In 2014, we will continue to train healthcare workers and undergird medical missions. We desire to train more sonographers to use their skills to work or volunteer in Pregnancy Resource Centers (PRC). When ultrasound fetal scans are used in PRCs, 80%+ of the women chose to carry their babies to term. Hope Imaging is dedicated to offering our community — Sonographers For Life — training, information, and inspiration, so they may bring a Christian world-view to medicine.

Please consider a gift to Hope Imaging to further our goals of bringing healing and hope through sonography. You may give online through PayPal on our Donation Page or send a check to Hope Imaging, 14248 Manchester Road #187, Manchester, MO 63011.