LIVE FROM HAITI: Hope Imaging Coming to you from Mission of Hope

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Hope Imaging offers Sonography webinars and training courses to medical professionals.  Recently, nurses and doctors and missions minded individuals from all over the globe had the unique experience to participate in a training webinar, “Live From Haiti”.

Hope Imaging’s panel of doctors, RMDS experts and organizational directors presented to Haitian doctors and the web audience on practical clinical topics (see below).

United Online  •  October 1st, 2014

 Nurses, Sonographers & ED’s with a Heart for International Life Affirming Programs


Shared What Happens When
Hope Imaging is in Country

Compared International
Life Affirming Imaging
to Domestic

Identified the Roles of Those Who Join
an International Medical Service Team


Connie Ambrecht, RDMS, Hope Imaging’s Program Director

Connie also serves as ED for Sonography Now and Equip Leaders Now

Kama Tate Gregory M.Ed., CEO of Hope Imaging

Dr. Matthew Larrison, Medical Director, Radiologist

Dr. Jennifer and Dr. Felix, Haitian Physicians


Link To The Archived Webinar:


Watch for future webinars and training events


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