Does Your Clinic Need Ultrasound Training?

Qualifications for Clinics Using Sonography to Help the Underserved

Depending on the need and the circumstances, Hope Imaging establishes partnerships with faith-based, life-affirming clinics to provide ultrasound training; equipment donations and support for clinics that reach medically underserved populationsWe can provide a team of skilled Sonographers that train medical staff in a variety of areas, including abdominal, cardiac, ob/GYN and vascular.  Training includes both didactic and hands-on curriculum, customized to fit your patient population and your cultural needs.


We have found that the following criteria facilitate a successful relationship and help your hospital/clinic develop a more comprehensive ultrasound diagnostic program.

  • A working and sustainable ultrasound machine; we will need to know the make, model and year of manufacturer and last date of service
  • Staff to be trained in ultrasound have a long-term commitment to the clinic
  • Attestation that they are a faith-based mission, agrees with our beliefs [see Statement of Faith] and reach the medically underserved.
  • Patient volunteers for hands-on-training for four consecutive days
  • Safe transportation for the team to/from the nearest major airport
  • Secure in-country transportation, housing, and meals for the team during the training
  • Suggested $1,000 donation to Hope Imaging [goes directly to future trips and growing the mission]


We will send an experienced a team of skilled Sonographers to train your medical staff.  The team can teach up to four medical professionals depending on their medical experience and educational need. We will provide the following:

  • A team of sonographers trained in your area of need (ob/GYN, abdominal, cardiac, etc.)
  • Training materials for each trainee
  • Customized training in ultrasound, both didactic and hands-on in your area of patient need (typically 5 days at a time).
  • Airfare, trip insurance, required vaccinations/medications, and in-country visa fees

If your clinic is willing and able to meet the above criteria, please fill out the form below and Hope Imaging’s staff will contact you soon.